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Take care of your PVC Leather

All vinyl fabrics must pass rigorous quality laboratory tests, thus guaranteeing dependable, durable, and comfortable products that will satisfy you. Here are some practical tips to assure the durability of furniture upholstered with lamicoats coated fabrics:

  • A periodic cleaning is recommended to keep the upholstery’s excellent appearance; use a solution of mild soap and water, wiping it off thoroughly, and always use a damp white cloth. Remember that light colors, like white, require more frequent cleaning.
  • Do not clean with solvents such as thinner, varsol, acetone, alcohol, bleaches, waxes, silicone or detergents. These cause permanent damage to the material.
  • Do not make marks with ball-point pens. The ink may be absorbed, causing a permanent stain.
  • Unlike other materials, you need not worry about the occasional accident with liquids such as wine, beer, other liquors, juices, soda, coffee or tea; simply follow the instructions for occasional cleaning. Clean up the spill as soon as possible, especially if the liquid has a deep color (to avoid permanent staining).
  • Avoid exposing your furniture to tanning lotions or other oily substances. In the event this happens, clean the furniture as quickly as possible with mild liquid soap or an upholstery shampoo, removing totally the oily substance and the excess of soap.



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