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About us

Lamicoats, a division of Industrial Adhesive Tapes Industries, provides customized coated and laminated textiles to meet the unique requirements of every customer. 
Where you have an application in mind, but are not sure of the materials or properties you require, we will work with you to consultatively arrive at the appropriate materials and technical specifications. While we work with tried and tested suppliers, that can deliver to the high standards that we adhere to for our various applications, we also provide processing services for materials supplied by you. Our capability to customize a product to suit your needs, is best described by some of our past accomplishments:

  • We are an authorized supplier to the Indian Defense establishment and have been supplying coated  fabrics to them over the last decade. Our products conform to or even exceed the stringent quality requirements laid down by the Government of India for the Indian Army.
  • Working closely with the top global suppliers of denim fabrics, our Research and Development team has developed various PU coated denim fabrics, for applications in the apparel industry. 
  • We have developed various PVC coated fabrics used in door panels by the Automobiles Industry.
  • We have supplied heavy duty PVC coated Tarpaulin material to be used as food grains covers under the auspices of the United Nation’s World Food Program (WFP).


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