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India’s leading Supplier of PVC Coated Fabrics

Lamicoats, a division of Industrial Adhesive Tapes Industries, specializes in PVC/PU Leather Cloth (VInyls) and PU and Acrylic coated woven and non-woven industrial fabrics.  Founded by Mr. J. K. Aggarwal, a visionary plastic technologist from UDCT, Bombay, Lamicoats has been manufacturing coated industrial fabrics since 1985. Today, the company offers quality products for nearly every application be it standard upholstery vinyl to functional fabrics for high end applications with unique requirements. Our products are being used for various applications in the transport, automobiles, defence, interiors, shoe and purse, garments and advertising industries. Our diverse experience enables us to constantly innovate and evolve to meet the unique requirements of each one of our large client base in India as well as globally.




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